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Pavement signage is perfectly suited to be placed in areas that will experience a high amount of pedestrian traffic. They can vastly help increase the level of public awareness regarding a company’s product or service and will do so in a tasteful manner. Therefore, we offer a varied selection of pavement signs to accommodate the differing needs of our clients.

Every one of our pavement advertising boards are free-standing, corrosion resistant and extremely durable. This sturdy construction will allow them to be placed in a wide variety of locations with a minimal amount of effort. Other options include our free-standing designs that utilises an “A boards” design; much like a traditional a-frame ladder employs. Others are oriented in a vertical direction to accommodate larger displays, such as those which would be found at the entrance to a museum or concert hall. Still others use a double sided spring design mounted upon a firm base to provide a standalone sign with flexibility and balance.

All of our pavement advertising boards are able to be fitted with quality graphic panels of the customer’s choice and are ideal for roadside marketing campaigns just as much as they can be used within shopping malls and other interior locations.

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A-Frame Pavement Signs

Perfect for retail or roadside advertising, with sturdy construction and quality build.

classic swing sign

Classic Swing Signs

Perfect for ourdoor use, this classic pavement swing sign is durable, easy to assemble and would be well suited to forecourts and all retail/high street environments.

polar banner stand

Polar Banner Stands

Encompassing flexibility and versatility, the Polar banner stand can be used single or double sided and has a water or sand filled moulded plastic base.