Due to the fact that restaurants and cafes can be expected to receive a great deal of pedestrian traffic, café barriers are an excellent means by which an enterprise can increase its exposure in a classy and elegant manner. Their practical design combined with an ability to offer double-sided graphical exposure are two of the key benefits that these items provide. However, it proves wise to take a brief look at some other amenities that they will offer.

Our café banners can accommodate a wide variety of sizes and are therefore suited for nearly any location. They can be employed for both indoor and outdoor use. Visible parts can be coated with either a polished chrome or a durable powder black finish. This will allow these barriers to match an existing ambiance.

Also, our choice of three different café banners are all extremely durable, stable and wind resistant. The banners themselves are securely fastened to the stands via a sturdy cross arm and are thereafter further tightened with bottom-mounted eyelets. The cross arms themselves are available in a number of different lengths to fit banners of varying dimensions.

Choose one of our external display products below…

Espresso Café Barriers

With its practical design, the Espresso is a “value for money” barrier system.

Medio Wrap Café Banners

A medium range contemporary barrier banner system.

Primo Wrap Café Banner

High end design, prestigious chrome finish and sealed solid bases look good in any location.