Canvas banners have been one of the most traditional means to display a visual advertisement and it should therefore come as no surprise that this medium continues to enjoy a great deal of popularity into the present. One of the benefits of canvas banner printing is that it can suit a variety of specific business requirements. Different finishes can be suited for unique environments.

This type of canvas can be used to decorate an office, to display a company’s branding at a trade fair and some types can even be used in an outdoor setting. It is this versatility that allows such devices to be extremely useful in any sales and marketing campaign.

All prints can be performed in a variety of colours and as mentioned previously, a choice of different finishes are available.

Keeping in line with this unsurpassed flexibility, these banners can also be fitted with eyelets, clean cut edged and pole pockets.

Another benefit of choosing canvas banner printing is that the finished products will be highly precise and stylised.

Finally, all canvas banners are available to be produced in a variety of sizes and shapes, thus further lending to their remarkable versatility and ease of installation.

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Canvas banners

Printed at 720dpi onto artists canvasCanvas banners/ prints can be finished with hemmed edges and eyelets all round or clean cut edges, no eyelets, unless otherwise specified.


  • Minimum design cost: £15
  • Minimum order value: £60
  • Free standard delivery on banner
    orders of two or more
  • All prices subject to vat